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My Daughters Are Insured By Smith & Wesson

These are my daughters. Take a good look. This is as close as you will get to them without going through me.If you want to date them, you are welcome to be interviewed by me and undergo my 12-step background check. If you hurt them, you will not be safe anywhere.They are the bomb, though. They always make me smile.

Posting a Posted Question and a Post

The other day I blogged that I would give anything to redo the last 25 years of my life. The thought itself almost gives rise to a country song. It was really just a thoughtless comment I threw out during one of my over-thinking sessions. Nevertheless, a fellow blogger posted a question:

Paula Faye said...
What would you do with those 25 years? Just interested.

A fair question, and it actually got me to thinking. In no particular order, here is the short list of but a few things I would love the chance to redo.
If I could, I would relive over and over the births of my children. I wouldn't have married so quickly.I would have made more of an effort with my Dad while he was still living,I would have spent more time with my grandparents. Gosh I miss them.I'd have gotten closer to my step-dad sooner. What a great man he is.I'd have taken better care of my teeth as a teenager. I would have dated more. I would have taken a chance and roomed with Jay and Homer. Could've been a bl…

Matrixx has celebrity fans

I had the chance to schmooze with Scooby and the Gang last month. Daphne couldn't keep her hands off me, and Fred tried to start a fight with me because I laughed at his ascot. After a romantic candlelight dinner, Daph and I joined the rest of the gang and solved the mystery of the bloody ascot...Matrixx style!

Todd Matrixx Makes the Cover!


Random Ruminating...Again

Olivia Newton-John is still a babe.
No female singer holds a candle to Streisand.The Who have posted their US tour dates. Atlantic City anyone?Since Ric Flair retired, I have had no desire to watch televised wrestling.Boston's song, "More Than A Feeling" always provokes a tear or two. Good times!I may very well be addicted to the X-Files. My imaginary shrink is exploring this with me.I miss my dog Levi.
Having no grandparents is very sad.I actually subscribed to PC World.
I have not worked out this week. Not once. Haven't been feeling well this week.Would trade anything for the opportunity to redo the last 25 years.
Are atheists spiritual people?
Ok...that'll do.

Goings On

I seem to have developed a bit of a sniffle. Hopefully it will be short-lived.

I have recently been "promoted" to Lead Technician in my department. No more money or anything. Just more stress and more taking the blame for slow production. It's cool. I am truly thankful for this job and for the opportunities that may open up.

On the homefront we seem to be getting closer to moving into our new place. It is a slow process with a great deal of "hurry up and wait" thrown in.

I would like to offer a hat tip to my boy Cody for the Stooges photo. He has become quite adept at PhotoShop. James, a framed copy of said photo is reserved for you. It will go wonderfully with your 3 Stooges bathroom (should it ever be completed).

I heard that The Who will be touring the US. Sweet.

Gonna go hit the NyQuil now. Goodnight all.

Dodged the Bullet

I am very grateful to still have a job after today. Over 20 people were not so fortunate.

So now I am nicely settled into my 3 day weekend. Enjoying the annual "Twilight Zone" marathon on Sci-Fi, and being reunited with the children, who have been gone for a week.

We will be seeing some family tomorrow,and otherwise just chilling. I will finish building my shed and begin the journey toward our new home.

Dan, my laptop looks great. Food and beverage of your choice is coming to you. Say where and when.