R.I.P. Tim Russert

We are all shocked at the very untimely passing of NBC's Tim Russert. His passion for politics and acute insights as a political analyst made him the best source for information. Tim helped us understand exactly what was going on in the complex world of politics.

I will miss him this November. As a nation, we are now politically dumber without the mind and wit of Tim Russert.


Steve said…
That was a shock, wasn't it? I honestly enjoyed watching his interviews. He was a good one...
Martha said…
I really liked him and respected his work. Plus, he seemed to be such an all around good guy and great dad. What a loss for everyone. I feel like I knew him even though I didn't.
Madeleine said…
It didn't seem like he was going to get that kind of shock because he wasn't that old. I enjoyed watching him, and it is a shame that he has left.

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