Remembering George Carlin 1937-2008

In my mind, George Carlin was the extreme side of me. I have always been sort of counter-culture and non-conforming, but not nearly to the extreme that he was.

He always seemed to say things that made me think, "Yeah, that's right." Although I wouldn't have verbalized the thought with the pure vulgarity for which he was best known.

For example, in his last HBO special, one of the first things he said was, "F--- Tiger Woods!" And I thought, "Yeah, that's right." But I wouldn't have said it. I am sick of Tiger Woods. So he is a great golfer. Big deal. According to George Carlin, golf is not even a sport; it's an act of lunacy.

"Any activity where you hit a ball with a crooked stick, and then walk after it, and hit it AGAIN, is no sport."

This weekend, I am going to record all of the Carlin HBO specials on my DVR, and enjoy watching them and celebrating my favorite comedian, and surely one of the true philosophers of my generation. Right up there with Fred Sanford and the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

R.I.P. George. Thank you for all of the laughs...especially the ones on flatulence!

"Do you remember as a kid the first time you farted in wonder they call the seats 'pews'."


Caryn said…
OK, so burn those specials into a DVD and send them our way. At least a few of your faves.
James said…
I liked Carlin only once, and that was in his role as Eddie in The Price of Tides.

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