New Family Addition

It had to happen sooner or later. Yesterday I came home to:

"Look at the puppy we found? Can we keep it?"

With the look that only a dad adamantly opposed to anymore pets in our humble abode, I was about to utter those infamous, timeless phrases:

"Are you going to take care of it?"

"Who's going to get up with her during the night?"

"I have too many mouths to feed as it is."

"What will the cats think?"

Instead, I stood there with my manhood broken and uttered, "Of course we can keep her! Aw, wook at da widdle pup-pup!"

What can I say, I am a sap. I'm weak.

Tracy took her to the vet today where Sophie had her shots updated.

For the record, Sophie was found wandering on the side of the road. As I have documented before in my blog, we have a passion for rescuing animals.

Welcome Sophie to our rather large family.


Rick said…
Wow, totally sorry. I read the title as NEW FAMILY ADDICTION, and was wondering how you guys were going to prepare that little morsel for dinner.

Whew - my bad.

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