And We're Off!

Day one of my lifestyle change has commenced. I hit the treadmill after work today, and it was great to work up a sweat. Tomorrow I will bring a book to read while I tread.

I have also decided to cut down meal portions and sweets. I am also going to take Nikita Koloff's advice and give myself a "cheat day," where I can eat what I want one day each week. It will probably be Sundays, since they serve Krispy Kreme before Connection Groups.

I feel very good about today. It will be a long uphill battle. Technically, for my age and height, I will need to drop 50 - 60 lbs. I will try to get to 10, then 20, then 30, etc. Then I will work on keeping it off.

Going forward, I will post only occasional updates, as I don't want this to become "Todd's Weight Loss Blog." If I feel I have something to share that may help someone (like Chuck does with the Dave Ramsay information), I will post it. I will be writing mostly about my weightloss in my moleskine journal (thanks Rick).


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