Memorial Day Mayhem

While most of you were grilling and chilling for Memorial Day weekend, I was tag-teaming with Ace Hardy against T-Money and Matt Cruz.

The venue was the Chapel of Redemption. It was a great night, and I am happy to report that not only did I avoid serious injury, but I pinned Matt Cruz for the win. I am also excited to report that I was in my first ever Main Event match.

To have had the honor to grapple with these guys is beyond words. More photos will be available soon at my MySpace.

Other than that, the family and I chilled the entire weekend.


Anonymous said…
You did good baby. Maybe next time i can watch more the show but we did get good pictures. It was a good match and we all had a good time.
Anonymous said…
Cool Photo. Which one is you?
Todd said…
Red face, sweating profusely, and shorter.
Rick said…
"More courageous" - not just shorter.

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