I Demand A Recant

After doing some Wikipedia and WikiAnswers research, it seems I was mistaken about John McCain having once been a Democrat. I find myself wondering if I had not mistaken Sen. McCain for someone else. Regardless, I offer my apologies, although as a mild disclaimer, I have never declared my blog as being politically accurate much less politically correct.

At any rate, I offer a full and complete retraction of my earlier faux pas.

The Editor


Alan said…
Might I suggest you research your mind ramblings before posting. Now I find myself beginning to question if Pete Townshend ever wrote any of those songs. Your entire blog has now become quite questionable. Do you even ride a motorcycle? Is that really a photo of you? If it is, has it been airbrush and touched up beyond original recognition?

Thanks for listening,
Disenchanted and disenfranchised

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