The Pursuit of Feeling Better

For the last couple of days, I have been down with the crud. During this time, I have endeavored to catch up on some DVR recordings. This morning, I finally caught The Pursuit of Happyness. The more I watch Will Smith, the more I respect him as a serious actor. He has successfully severed his image from that of "The Fresh Prince." The interaction between him and his son made for a beautifully done film.

I have not been so moved since "The Man From Manchester 3," which will be available on Hi-def DVD...well, someday.

I still feel crummy, but the Pursuit was worth it.


Steve said…
The scene with him and his son in the subway having to hold the door shut with his foot while his son slept gets me every time. Great movie.
Rick said…
Feeling better? Hope you and the missus are doing well, enjoying a weekend, finding time beyond the office hours.
Alan said…
The Man From Manchester 2 was the a good one as well. However, you just can't top the 1st installment of the series which included a number of offbeat locations and one-liners.
Todd said…
The shirtless guys under the hood of their old pickup yelling obscenities at us in the 1st installment was pure cinematic genius!
James said…
Will Smith has some acting chops. I only wish I AM LEGEND had more to offer than Smith hunting city deer.

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