Ebony and Ivory

There...now the song is stuck in your head, too! Mwah ha ha ha!


Chuck said…
I see your "Ebony and Ivory" and will raise you one "Say, Say, Say."

Mmmm. When Michael was still cool enough for George to own a Thriller Jacket.

"You're sayin that my love aint real
Just look at my face these tears aint dryin'"
James said…
"Live together in perfect harmony..." oh my... my day is ruined.
Rick said…
Actually, "ebony & ivory" can be considered the worst song ever, and can be used properly as the one thing to get other songs out of your head. Like, "say say say" - you've been humming it all day. But then you change to "ebony and ivory", which is so bad it knocks anything else out and your very soul rejects it from staying.

Worth a try anyway.
Steve said…
I would propose that "Hey, Mickey" would fit the bill as the song-of-all-songs to "cleanse the pallet."

"Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind
"Hey, Mickey!" ba-bomp
"Hey, Mickey!" ba-bomp.


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