Best Laid Plans Lead to Ice Cream

Well...scratch an evening with my brutha-frum-anutha-mutha. He was diverted to Charleston. I suppose I could use another trip out West...

I will also have to miss the blogger luncheon on the morrow. Work must intrude.

Today was a metaphor for my life's journey. The machines were beating the crud out of me. Something about Lithuanian currency and the evil Coin Acceptor was wreaking havoc on my nerves. Were it not for the Little-Red-Haired-Engineer's intervention, I would not have won the day. I walked out of work with the guttural grunt of triumph! Perhaps victory will be mine in my spiritual life as well in the near future.

Such a pity James...I could have used a brewsky. Alas, another day, another pub.

In your honor, sire, I enjoyed an ice cream cone from Sonic with my Little-Red-Haired-Daughter. All in all, a near-perfect day.


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