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Ebony and Ivory the song is stuck in your head, too! Mwah ha ha ha!

Best Laid Plans Lead to Ice Cream

Well...scratch an evening with my brutha-frum-anutha-mutha. He was diverted to Charleston. I suppose I could use another trip out West...
I will also have to miss the blogger luncheon on the morrow. Work must intrude.
Today was a metaphor for my life's journey. The machines were beating the crud out of me. Something about Lithuanian currency and the evil Coin Acceptor was wreaking havoc on my nerves. Were it not for the Little-Red-Haired-Engineer's intervention, I would not have won the day. I walked out of work with the guttural grunt of triumph! Perhaps victory will be mine in my spiritual life as well in the near future.
Such a pity James...I could have used a brewsky. Alas, another day, another pub.
In your honor, sire, I enjoyed an ice cream cone from Sonic with my Little-Red-Haired-Daughter. All in all, a near-perfect day.

The Day After

I have read and re-read my post from yesterday, as well as the comments from my pals. Boy, did I ever vent!

If I had yesterday to do over again, I'd have used the word, "bullcrappeth" several more times. Other than that, I stand by every word.

I am taking the next couple of Sundays off from corporate churchianity. Instead, I will either be working or reading.

Heartfelt hugs go to Rick, Mot, George, and PF for leaving comments. I have many of Joyce Meyer's books, and I have read most of them. I enjoy her TV ministry on occasion as well.

Mot--I have actually considered Catholicism before. Can't convince the wife unit to join me, though. Although I believe I could follow the Latin pretty well. Ha!

Rick--you da always. As long as your around, I am not totally alone in this.

George--to me, you just being there is more important than you knowing what to say. Heck, I don't know what to say to me either!

Tomorrow I am going to wear my FIREBRED t-shirt to work. On t…

One of Those Posts I Just Have to Write

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. If you are a regular here, I'm delighted; if this is your first stop, then you may want to jump over to one of my blogger buds. I am going to be candid today. I have something that has been brewing inside of me for about 10 years and I have to dump it somewhere. If you choose to stay, well...I warned you.

I'm fed up with organized religion. There, I said it.

I no longer want to be a part of it. I have given my life to it. I was educated and indoctrinated in it. I fought the good fight both here and abroad. I lived it, taught it, bought it, sold it, marketed it, pitched it, played it, and passed it.

I thumped my Bible with the best and worst of 'em. I have preached up and down the east coast and in Mexico. I have share the gospel hundreds of times with all kinds of people. I have laid hands on sick and seen them healed. I have watched people die. I have comforted and mourned with their families. I have performed 32 weddings and way more funerals th…

"X" Marks the Spot (where I will be July 25)


Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday, Tracy!

This pic was taken at Broadway At the Beach in N. Myrtle Beach, SC last month.

We are posing in front of the KISS Coffeehouse. Oh, the bucks I wanted to drop in there!

The Pursuit of Feeling Better

For the last couple of days, I have been down with the crud. During this time, I have endeavored to catch up on some DVR recordings. This morning, I finally caught The Pursuit of Happyness. The more I watch Will Smith, the more I respect him as a serious actor. He has successfully severed his image from that of "The Fresh Prince." The interaction between him and his son made for a beautifully done film. I have not been so moved since "The Man From Manchester 3," which will be available on Hi-def DVD...well, someday.I still feel crummy, but the Pursuit was worth it.

April Fools

First day of April, and no one has blogged except Rick, who, I am embarassed to say, reeled me in, hook, line, and sinker.

Good one, sir. May I have another?