Times They Are A-Changing

It's official. The 35 year career of Ric Flair has come to a glorious end. I now live in a world where my hero is no longer a mainstay. It feels weird. Last night at Wrestlemania 24 The Nature Boy took his last bow. I confess to getting a bit emotional.

So now what?

Tracy and I are very close to getting the paperwork done to begin the process of purchasing a home to place on the family property.

I am returning to school. I have applied to Midlands Technical College where I plan to earn a 2 year degree in Computer Technology. This is going to help me in my career path. I am also endeavoring to achieve my A+ Certification, followed by Linux+. To those who don't know what I am talking about, welcome to the club!

Things at work are settling down a bit. The end of the quarter push is behind us, and I should be back on the 40 hour a week rotation for about 6 weeks. I will miss the OT though. It will be there again soon, however, as we prepare for the next quarter.

Spring Break is behind us, and we all seem to have picked up a case of the crud. This week I am making my yearly trip to the dentist, and next week I will be visiting my doctor for my 40 year old physical ("You using the whole fist there, doc?").

All-in-all, March was a busy and emotional month. To sum it up in one word, I quote the "Nature Boy" himself: "Wooooooooooooo!"


Caryn said…
Sounds like things are looking great for the Vick clan! All great news. Maybe you can start carrying an oversized gold belt over your shoulder, trimming your jackets in feathers, and be your own hero? Or at least Tracey's?!
Rick said…
Appears there's an opening in the WWE if Todd Matrixx needs the work.
Steve said…
I didn't realize you were such a huge fan of wrestling, Todd. Have to seen "Nacho Libre?" Now that's 'rassling!
Dr.evil said…
I don't really watch wrestling, maybe once in a while but that was an interesting night overall.

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