Sometimes, you just gotta stop...

...and blog.

My work schedule and my blogger schedule have a few crossed wires of late, but I am working out the kinks. I do very much enjoy the reunion of old friends here in the blogosphere. My original intention behind blogging was to open myself up on matters of faith, etc. and hopefully leave behind something that my children and future Vick generations could have.

Now blogging has created a place where I can keep up with my dear pals as if they were right here with me. Our lives and families have taken us all over the globe, and it's great that we can reconnect here. Though I confess to a vision of all of us blogger buds hooking up sometime, somewhere, and enjoying a group hug. Preferably before the 25th AHS reunion. Did I just say 25th?

(the blogger pauses to reflect and catch his breath)

Here's a question: Does anyone besides me ever get the urge to stand in a crowded elevator or restaurant and yell, "WOLVERINES!!"

I will take that one up with my therapist.

So with that, have a great day, blogger pals, and to my great-great grandchildren, my apologies.


Martha said…
Yes, you did say 25th and that is so many shades of wrong and messed up I can't beleive it! What has happened to the time? Where did it go? Tempus fugit.
Rick said…
Aah, gotta love an obscure "Red Dawn" reference. Brilliant.
Chuck said…
Todd, was that a Red Dawn reference?
Todd said…
But of course!
Steve said…
I smiled when I read it, too. "Red Dawn"...classic. It has been good reconnecting, my friend.

Twenty-fifth anniversary. That is scary.
Alan said…
You should be ashamed or yourself for referencing anything that combined the talents of Patrick Swayze and C. Thurston Howell (?) whateverhiznameis. Shameful.
Todd said…
Talents? What talents?
Martha said…
You know, the TV movie talents C. Thomas Howell has! I read an interview with him about his current career as a TV movie actor and his comments were along the lines of...someone has to be in these movies.

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