R.I.P. Larry Norman

One of the great pioneers of what we call Contemporary Christian Music, or CCM, has gone home. Larry was perhaps best known for his signature song, "Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?" And with that question, set to rock and roll, church music would never be the same.

I miss those early days of CCM. Concerts and merchandise were usually free, and we loved our "Jesus music." I remember being told how shameful it was to use rock and roll to tell the story of Jesus. I remember being told how CCM was all about drawing attention to self. Most importantly, I remember turning it up louder.

Thanks, Larry, for igniting the spark of CCM. Crank it up in Heaven for us!


Rick said…
I never really got into any of Norman's stuff - but its amazing to see how many artists today were directly influenced. Good stuff, Todd.
George said…
Amen, brother Todd. Larry's music was a bit before my time, but he sure did help start something very important to me. Also, he was great in the 1972 film "Beware! the Blob" (true story, look him up on IMDB if you don't believe me.)
Todd said…
He was actually before my time too. We ARE the same age, yo! I had heard his stuff and identified with his attitude toward reaching the lost.

But since CCM has been such a huge part of all our lives, I thought it to be a fitting tribute.

I still cry when I listen to Keith Green or Rich Mullins.

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