The Other Day, I Woke Up Differently

Back in the day, I was a die hard Republican. I voted Republican in every election, and I believed (and I still do) that Ronald Reagan restored hope and pride to America. I was a proud member of my local, "Silver Elephant" club, and I attended the meetings. In 1994, a fellow Elephant tried to convince me to run for chair of my local precinct. I wimped out. What if...?
I digress.
The other day, I woke up with a startling realization: I like Barack Obama. I like his vision, and the clarity with which he casts it. I like his attitude. I have not seen any mudslinging from this guy. I feel like I can trust him. He says the things that I would say if I were running for President. Of course, all of my speeches would begin with, "You don't know me, but..."
In an odd twist of events, my longtime pal, Rick, the king of java-related fair, announced on his blog the very same day I woke up different that he has chosen to support Senator Obama as well. Today I find that Steve is changing too. Could it be that George's music has somehow subliminally swayed us from the straight and narrow?
Maybe (kidding George), but I prefer to think that we gents are just growing up. Having children and realizing that there may actually be fewer days ahead than behind have changed what used to be important. For me, it was just important to be right, or at least on the side of "right." From 1996-1999, I couldn't be wrong. Then life began to change for me. The things I was "right" about were way beyond "right and wrong."
A treasured friend began to challenge me and my right wing way of life. And then, when my life had the rug pulled from beneath it, my right-wing comrades dropped me like mucus-filled tissue. The people who stuck by me taught me the only really "right" thing of eternal value: Love God and love others. I have never gone wrong in trying to practice this commandment.
I see the world differently than I did 20 years ago. I am ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure that my children have a decent world to live in after I am gone. Senator Obama is giving me a glimmer of hope that this decent world may actually be within our reach. I am excited to watch this process play out while I cast my vote at the appointed time.
Many of my friends support former Gov. Mike Huckabee. Mainly for his conservative, Baptist values, to be sure. Nothing wrong with having values...not at all. But do we really want to trust the free world to the Southern Baptist Convention? Nah! Huckabee will drop out soon (my prediction), but don't fret, his loyal supporters. He will have enough high paying SBC speaking engagements to last for quite awhile. I realize I am speaking "in the flesh" here. But it is just so much fun!
Have I also mentioned that I don't think Oprah is a total flake anymore? This is another topic for another post, but, while I do not agree with her spirituality, I applaud what she has done with her fortune. She has my respect.
The Other Day, I Woke Up Differently. At least I find myself in good company.
Editor's Note: After several attempts, I could not get my paragraphs to separate. This is a common problem I am having with blogger, and not a lack of English Grammar training courtesy of Dr. Mad Ox. Thank you for your continued support and for reading between the lines! Ha!


Rick said…
First - picking the "better" thing over the "right" thing, I think, is a sign of continuing maturity. It's just who we are at this point in our lives doing the best we can with what we've got. How's that?

Second - check to see if there's a checkbox in blogger somewhere to make "returns" or "enter" or "carriage return" (like old typewriters), to make that a new line or a double space. You might've clicked through something accidently.

All good, chum - did you end up "chronicling" that? :)
Martha said…
Hey Todd, that is such a sweet picture of your little girl (in the top post) and she is a doll. I know I have been out of the loop for a while, but it is good to see that you are doing well. I don't know what all happened (it's ok that I don't) and what hosebag friends left you in your hour of need, but glad your real friends have been there for you and that things are on the right track. Have a good weekend!
Caryn said…
I haven't been quite as bold as you and Rick, but I actually contributed a whopping $25 to the Obama fund last week, in hopes for a win on Super Tuesday. I disagree with him on about half his positions, but I am not vain enough to think that agreeing with Caryn is necessarily a candidate's top attribute.
Chuck said…
I guess, by implication, that I, as a fellow gent, have not yet grown up.

My problem with the guy, and, well, in general, most politicians, is that they place the responsibility for fixing your problems in Washington. I don't believe half of what any of them say.

Our Government can't even balance a budget. You have taxes taken out of your paycheck for social (as in socialized) insecurity. And now, they are promising to do the same for Health Care? No offense, but, no thank you.

I believe that I will vote none of the above.
Todd said…
Chuck, I personally believe that you are more grown up than any of us. This is why I usually avoid the subject of politics, because not everyone agrees with everyone. Keep doing what you do best: be a great husband, father, and friend. Furthermore, you can host Tracy and I in Chesapeake one day this year...hopefully.
Steve said…
Good post, Todd. I haven't quite taken the leap with BO yet. I'm still watching and waiting. Be certain that my vote will be cast after thoughtful prayer.
Chuck said…
The funny thing about the whole system, is that I find myself in a similar mindset that Rick was in a few years ago.

I don't know if it is disillusionment, or the result of reading books on the American Revolutionary War, or what.

Personally, I do want something that is different. Something is kicking around that Obama might be that person.

I apoplogize that I was a little punchy when I wrote that. I think that I had just finished my taxes, and that is why the whole tax subject was on my mind.

All of you guys have standing invitations to Casa de Carlos in the grand city of Chesapeake Va.
Todd said…
Hey, Chuck, you never have to apologize to me. Especially after doing your taxes. I've got people.

I guess what intrigues me most about Obama is that he is inciting ALL of us to make our country better, and not just sit back and watch it fall apart while Washington spins its wheels year after year. If McCain would be such a candidate, I would cast my vote for him. I like him too, but not as a President.

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