Like Father...?

Last night I had the privilege of seeing my daughter Jenna be inducted into the National Junior Beta Club at her school. I remember the Beta club when I was her age, but I was on the outside looking in. I was in the Honor Society in 8th grade. That's about all I can remember regarding my middle school academia. The rest is a blur of singing telegrams and other nuttiness with Jay.
I am proud of all my children, but this was a big deal in Jenna's life, and I hope her success only grows, as I wish for all my children.
To make me even more proud, Jenna recorded several radio spots for 96.7 here in Columbia during her job-shadowing project for school. She was supposed to come with me, but the company no longer allows it.
For those who wish to listen, she can be heard again at 3:15 pm and 5:11 pm. Out of towners can stream over the net. Hearing her over the airwaves took me back to my days at WQXL in Columbia back in the late 80s. It was the most fun I ever had making $3.35 and hour.


Rick said…
You and I are the ones with the looks for radio. She'll go far, sir!
Chuck said…
T - That is a fantastic picture. What a great accomplishment.
Todd said…
Thanks, R & C. In all fairness, you guys have much to be proud of, too.
James said…
Your daughter should be proud. Agter all, you and I only had our nuttiness, and how far has that gotten us?
Steve said…
What a great picture, Todd. The smile on your daughter's face. The look of pride on yours. You are a blessed man.

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