Doctor. Doctor. Doctor.

While this is one of my all time favorite movie scenes, seeing the real doctor is not as much fun as it used to be. I had a routine checkup this morning, and had to face an unpleasant reality: high blood pressure. This morning, though I was very calm and cheerful, my BP was 153/106. It has never been this high.

I am now on BP meds and have a follow up visit next week. It seems the sins and Tom Foolery of my youth are now coming back and asking for payment.

In conclusion, my two least favorite words in all the world, diet and exercise, are now essential parts of my life. They are no longer a suggestion or a good idea. My first order of business is to drop 50 pounds. So much for the Krispy Kreme diet!

I will keep you posted on my progess. Failure is not an option.


Rick said…
BP meds - the joy abd bane of our old-timer existence. Don't forget to take them, and if you do, watch out for your wife. Trust me.
Steve said…
Krispy Kreme. A while back I brought a couple of boxes back to Germany for the wife and kids. Complete strangers were coming up to me saying, "Krisy Kreme, eh?" I'm sure with the expectation that I would have pity and give them one. Of course I punched them and turned around and ran before they stole my box of KK's.

Krispy Kremes bring out the worst in folks--I'm convinced of that.

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