Not Much to Say, Not Much Time

Work has been very busy in a good way. The job I do requires quite a bit of thinking and rationalizing. I am happy that my idle mind is given little room to roam. Perhaps senility will be pushed back a few more years.

I am sad beyond words that the Packers blew their chance at another Super Bowl. Needless to say, and no offense to anyone, football season is now officially over for me. I have high hopes that the Pack will be back next season.

I have been learning about giving grace rather than receiving it lately. It hurts. It is much harder than I care to admit. Loving God and loving others is a tall order at times.

To my blogger pals, I continually enjoy keeping up with everyone through the blogosphere. I hope for a day when we can fellowship face to face.


Rick said…
Really wanted to see Old Man Favre end the Patriots streak - now I'll have to root for Eli over my chili, salsa and chips. Fun stuff.
Chuck said…
Sounds like you need some Brunches on Saturday! Chased down with a Krispy Kreme.
George said…
...followed by a nap and then a mediocre concert!
Steve said…
Hope all is going well for you, my friend. I was sorry to see it end for Brett as well. It's strange to find that we're older than one of the NFL's "seasoned" veterans, isn't it?
It's been great keeping up with you. Write when you can!
Todd said…
I don't have Brett's skills with the pigskin, but I believe I could take him in the ring!

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