My 2008 Is Up and Running

Precious little time for blogging these days. I enjoyed catching up on my blog reading last night. Everyone appears to have had a joyous holiday.

I had a thought today. I am blessed. Truly. Two of my pals spent Christmas away from family. I had family coming out of my ears! I was talking with a co-worker who is also a believer, but tends to follow the "name it/claim it" ilk. He spoke of having more "God's way." I suppose I could be selfish and find things to covet. Nah! Been there, done that.

I am at a good place right now. I am richly blessed in every way. I want to give more love in 2008.

I suppose losing a few pounds wouldn't hurt, too.


Rick said…
Good will and good places to your 2008 - and there's a birthday gift still waiting for you, just so's you know.

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