Top Five (actually Six) Christmas CDs

The more December-ish weather here gives rise to a Christmas-ish post (ish?):

1) A Christmas Song Russ Taff. One of the greatest male vocalists I've ever heard.

2) Christmastime Michael W. Smith. Smitty has such a way with yuletide tunes.

3) When My Heart Finds Christmas Harry Connick, Jr. He can't sing or act, but I enjoy this offering.

4) Christmas Songs Diana Krall. Yowsa!

5) A Christmas Gift of Love Barry Manilow. Does this guy ever fail?

6) Home For Christmas Daryl Hall & John Oates. Christmas with soul. The boys have still got it!


James said…
I thought Harry was good in Memphis Belle.
Steve said…
Harry's song is one of my favorite as well. That CD is the first one played in Das Ritterhaus each and every Christmas. It kicks the whole season off.

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