Random Ruminations

1) Peter Frampton recorded some really good songs back when.

2) "Peace on earth and goodwill to all men" does not apply at Wal-Mart or the mall.

3) I wonder what has become of Paul Whitehead.

4) For the last two nights, Chris Catoe has been in my dreams. In the first dream, he was gay.

5) I don't believe I have ever seen a "Chestnut."

6) I was always taught to walk on the right side of the hallway. Lately, I seem to be bumping into all sorts of people who choose to walk on the left side. They do not move, and it really annoys me.

7) I think my cat is the only person who gets me anymore.


Steve said…
Funny stuff. Paul Whitehead...boy there's a character. I believe the American Chessnut was killed off by an imported blight. They're all over Germany (and they're very tasty when roasted in the oven). I've notice the same thing about folks walking on the left side of the hall. I can only attribute this to undo English influence. When confronted by these folks, just turn around and walk into them backwards. It totally confuses them.
Jason said…
First person I came across that had both beer and church listed as a interest. My blog is about church and beer.
Rick said…
Hi, Scrooge - you bah humbug is sticking out :). Hope y'all are doing well this Christmas.
George said…
Last I heard, Paul Whitehead had cashed in his stock options and was cruising the world in his private yacht. Itonically, that yacht had one door that doesn't match the rest of the yacht, just like his car in high school.

That's funny about you dreaming about Chris Catoe...a straight Catoe, that's hilarious.
James said…
Paul Whitehead...wow. Remember the bomb scare in Middle School, and we had to evacuate? He raised the alarm of the local police when he had a device with batteries and a motor and God knows what...
James said…
Cats are perceptive like that... And I agree with you on this hallway thing. I notice this al the mall.
Martha said…
I thought about Paul Whitehead the other day when I was thinking about catching up with all of y'all on the blog. How funny to read through your posts and see that wondering as well. I never heard anything of him past high school.

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