Life Begins at 40

...or so I am told. My Grandma Redders used to say that "You're as old as you feel." That being the case, I need to begin searching for a decent retirement village.
Truthfully, I don't feel any older. Maybe I feel a little wiser. Definitely heavier.
At least I still have most of my hair.


Rick said…
Happy birthday, old chap. And by "old", I mean simply a word of endearment, not at all mentioning the aged or decrepid.
James said…
You haven't changed a scrap, old boy!
Steve said…
Happy birthday, Todd. You've always been a father figure to me...

Rick and I are right behind you in July.
George said…
You people with your "heads full of hair" make me sick. ; )
Todd said…
You bet, Steve. I mean...son.

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