Christmas Afterglow/2007 In Review

Work has kept me pretty busy lately. It has been great, though.

We had a nice Christmas. Tracy got an iPod Nano. I got the Die Hard collection. I enjoyed the time with family and ate too much as always.

For the most part, 2007 was great. I blew my goal of losing 30 pounds sometime in April. Perhaps I'll give it another whirl in 2008. The new goal will have to be 50 pounds, though. One too many trips to the table this year, I'm afraid.

In 2007:
- My vehicle was paid off.
- I was laid off from a job.
- I got a better job.
- I turned 40.
- I went to Seattle.
- I wrestled my first match in 2.5 years. Lost. Chairshot to the head.
- I learned to speak Unix (I have a nice cheat sheet).
- I lost 17 pounds, and then gained 35.
- I took a generational photo with my Dad's brother and my son.
- My wife inherited some family property.
- I rediscovered The X-Files.
- I saw some fine jazz and blues.
- Van Halen reunited with David Lee Roth.
- George and Steve (and Mot) joined the blogosphere.
- Packers are 13-3. Curse the Bears!
- I almost became a cop.
- I applied to the FBI as a Field Agent. I'm too old. 39 is the cutoff. Bummer.
- I threw snowballs at James in Seattle. We celebrated with a Smithwicks or 8.
- I have nearly lost all interest in organized Christianity.
- I upgraded my cell phone.
- I continued my search for M. Homer.
- I missed two fun engagements with CHUCK, Rick and George.
- I discovered a grey armpit hair.
- I made friends with 2 gay people.
- I grew my hair back out.
- I grew my back hair out.
- I read 19 books.
- I watched approximately 1,092 hours of TV.
- I made two trips to the ER. One by ambulance. Vertigo. Sheesh.
- I managed Buff Bagwell for one show.
- I met The Rocker Marty Jannetty.
- I got beatdown twice by T-Money. My family laughed.
- I had my trust broken by someone very close to me.
- I put 42,000 miles on my truck (remember the one that's PAID for?)
- I learned to respect Oprah.
- I quit watching ER.
- I started watching "Tell Me You Love Me" on HBO. (ER is far less risque')
- I sent out 89 resumes and had four interviews.
- I started exercising again. Then stopped. Then started. Then stopped. Sigh.
- I had a good time with all the people I love and look forward to more of the same next year!


Chuck said…
Hello! I was at one of those fun engagements too!! Sheez...move to Virginia, drop outta your life for over twenty years, and you forget about me?

Where's the love?

But here is what I love about you, and I shamelessly quote from the master thespian, Rocky Balboa:

"Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward."

Todd - you always keep moving forward.
Rick said…
No mention of playing pickup ball with Jamel Bradley? or am I behind a year?
Todd said…
Chuck: what can I say? I had you in mind, but inadvertantly (senile?) left you off the list, for which I am mortified. I corrected the error, and I still hold you in the highest regard, my pal. And who puts it better than Rocky?

Rick: I lied about whooping Jamel at a game of 21. He said I could! :) He is a treat to work with, however. The Aflac duck laid more golden eggs for him than me.
George said…
Here's wishing you a great 2008, my old pal. I hope we can keep our dates this year and I hope there are more of them. Happy New Year.
Steve said…
Happy New Year, Todd. It's good to be back in touch with good friends. May God bless you and your family throughout 2008.
James said…
I bow to the Packers.

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