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Realize that I am always a bit behind on my movie viewing. I usually have to wait until a film is released on HBO before I can actually see it. I finally caught The Departed. It is a story of two men, on opposite sides of the law, who are working undercover with the Massachusetts State Police trying to nail the Irish Mafia. Because the film was direct by Martin Scorsese, I had high hopes. Sadly, by the end of the film, many of my hopes were dashed.

Yes, I realize that the film won 4 Oscars. I have come to expect more from Matt Damon, however, and I feel he was the weakest link of this film. Thankfully he did not employ the overkilled Boston accent he used in Good Will Hunting. I was also disappointed in Leonardo DiCaprio's performance. I have a great deal of respect for his work as well, but felt let down this time.

Also in the cast were Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin. There were some high spots with each of these, but ultimately, for me, the only redeeming quality of The Departed was a stellar performance by Jack Nicholson as Irish mobster Frank Costello. Nicholson, as always, created a dynamic character. Does this guy ever bomb?

The plot kept me hanging but totally deflated me at the end. I liked the cast ensemble, but was looking for more from them and they never delivered. The story was intriguing, but I feel the ending was written during a coffee break. Had I bought a ticket to this movie, I'd have felt ripped off.


George said…
Yes, I hear that alot. "Nicholson was good, but everyone else was a disappointment." Not surprising.
Todd said…
Chuck said…
Nicholson bombed in Wolf. Very Bad. Very, Very Bad.

I liked the departed, but it was not my favorite of last years Oscars. I thought Letters from Iwo Jima was better, especially if you watch Flags of our Fathers first.

In fact, I think I liked Babel better, but not The Queen. And who didn't like Little Miss Sunshine? Ok, Arkin painted with the F-word like Picasso with a brush.
James said…
We'll have to Siskel and Ebert this one, Todd. The only thing we agree on here is that Jack was Jack.

Also, you did not mention Martin Sheen in your review. I thought that was a great role for him.
Rick said…
To where has our pal Todd "departed"? Just checking to see if you're around, sir.

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