Alive and Rickwell

Been offline for a few days due to technical issues. In my impending old age, I totally forgot to meet the guys for breakfast last Saturday. My apologies to Rickwell, George, and Chuck. I'm sure you guys had a blast, even without little ol' me.
Thanks also to Rickwell for his friendship and concern for yours truly. These last few days have been rough. As of this morning, several of my co-workers and I are on the unemployed list. We suspected that it was coming, but it made the blow no less painful. I have many "hooks" in the job pond, and I am hoping for a nibble in the short term.

Meanwhile, my wife, children, and pal James have given me a trip to Seattle for my birthday. I am looking forward to spending time with the K's and catching up on some live jazz. I fly out of CLT on Thursday, and I will be home in time to face the realities of turning 40 and having no job. On the upside, I have a very big interview on my birthday. I intend to use the birthday to my advantage. This job would provide much more security and stability than I have had in a long time. Please pray.
I am truly blessed with the support of a beautiful family and a great group of friends.


Rick said…
Welcome back to the land of the breakfast-eating, sir.

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