Land Ho!

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My beautiful wife, whom I believe many of you know, has inherited about 7 acres of land not very far from our current dwelling. We spent Saturday looking for homes to put on this land. Her dad has cleared our spot, and with some TLC and a few yardwork miracles, it should be a wonderful place to grow old.

We spent Saturday with the kids. Tracy and I were exhausted from work, but we had a great day. They all loved this one home we looked at, and we did the paperwork and are waiting to hear if we have been approved. It was a gorgeous home.

Next we hit the local Taco Bell for some pseudo-Mexican cuisine, got Dad and Cody a haircut, and headed to the land to do some prep work. Our three girls were covered from head to toe in dirt. They actually rubbed dirt on their faces as they took turns burying one another in the earth! Quite hilarious! The boys climbed trees and swung on vines. They are so excited about living out there. It is really breathtaking.

I stood in one place and did a 360. Everything I saw was ours. We are so thankful for this wonderful gift. The most exciting thing to me is that there is room on the land for every one of our children to put a home one day, if they wish. Picture me standing in my yard wearing plaid bermuda shorts with a white T-shirt, white shoes, and black socks, watering my roses and watching my grandkids play. At least I am wearing a shirt!

That evening the folks took us to the Old Mill Pizza Buffet. I really scored in the in-laws department. Julius and Linda are great people. They are wonderful grandparents. They make me miss mine.

Except for the Badgers getting creamed by Penn State, it was a exceptional weekend.

One final note: on Friday my vehicle will be paid for! Pray that she holds together!


Chuck said…
Fatastic! Sounds like one of those days you wish would never end. Don't worry, my team got beat by UNC (only the scoreboard did not reflect it). Your car is going to drive much better once it is not dragging a payment book behind!!
Steve said…
Owning a piece of land is a very nice feeling. Arlene and I just paid of our 5 acre plot just North of San Antonio. Future retirement site, investment? Who knows? But it's ours.

I'm going to have to try digging a hole and covering myself up on it. Can't get much closer to it than that!
George said…
Cool Beans, my friend. Where is your land? You should put a Google Map thingy on your blog showing the exact locale.
George said…
Rick said…
Let us know when the moving date is. I think I've got plans - I mean, a bad back - I mean, home game :)

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