It's About Time!

Steve R., another of my high school chums, has finally planted a seed in the Garden of Blogging. Welcome, my friend.

You will find Steve to be a man of deep thinking, as well as one funny sonofagun. He is a USAF pilot and a budding chef. Not to mention a proud husband and father. But don't let me steal his thunder...go check him out!

My fondest memory of Steve (there are many) was a trip to Carowinds with the USC Baptist Student Union. What's funny is that neither of us were USC students or BSU members. We were invited by Rick and his main squeeze Vicki.

Steve and I, along with some BSU college babes, were standing on the bridge overlooking the log ride. Picture two guys, trying to be cool, putting the moves on two babes, on the bridge, overlooking the log ride. What we didn't realize was that each time the log ride concluded just below us, it produced a huge splash which saturated the bridge.

Without warning, Steve and I realized that 52 tons of water were suddenly being hurled at us from the ride below. There was nowhere to run, no time to figure out why we didn't know this would happen, and no time to consider how foolish we looked trying to run away from this giant wall of water. I may have screamed; I can't remember. Within seconds, we were soaked from head to toe, laughing hysterically (or were we crying?), and there was no sign of the BSU college babes.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Steve. Rock on, man. Rock on.


Rick said…
We've got pictures of the fateful day somewhere up in the attic. I'll check with my main squeeze.
Todd said…
I feared you might...
Steve said…
I think those BSU babes melted from the blast of water...they were so sweet they were made of sugar, don't you know.

Man that's smooth...

I'm glad we're reconnecting after all these years, Todd. As I get older and look back, I realize that you guys were some of the closest friends I've ever had. Hopefully we can all get together more often than the high school reunions.
James said…
Was Steve Johnson there?

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