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Matrixx Reloaded

Todd Matrixx returned to the ring after a 2.5 year absence. What better place to make a comeback than the Chapel of Redemption? T-Money gave me a shot at the Cross Division Championship, and cheated to retain the title by bashing me in the head with a chair. Tonight was a boyhood dream come true. It was good of Rick to come and take some photos. It was good to finally get back in the ring and have zero broken bones. I may be able to hang up the wrestling thing now and feel good about it. Or I could always invoke my rematch clause...

The Only Constant In The Universe

I have been rather bored with my blog, and felt it needed some freshening up. I hope you like the new look, the new name, and the new feel.

Take her for a spin.

It's About Time!

Steve R., another of my high school chums, has finally planted a seed in the Garden of Blogging. Welcome, my friend.

You will find Steve to be a man of deep thinking, as well as one funny sonofagun. He is a USAF pilot and a budding chef. Not to mention a proud husband and father. But don't let me steal his thunder...go check him out!

My fondest memory of Steve (there are many) was a trip to Carowinds with the USC Baptist Student Union. What's funny is that neither of us were USC students or BSU members. We were invited by Rick and his main squeeze Vicki.

Steve and I, along with some BSU college babes, were standing on the bridge overlooking the log ride. Picture two guys, trying to be cool, putting the moves on two babes, on the bridge, overlooking the log ride. What we didn't realize was that each time the log ride concluded just below us, it produced a huge splash which saturated the bridge.

Without warning, Steve and I realized that 52 tons of water were suddenly being hurl…

Land Ho!

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My beautiful wife, whom I believe many of you know, has inherited about 7 acres of land not very far from our current dwelling. We spent Saturday looking for homes to put on this land. Her dad has cleared our spot, and with some TLC and a few yardwork miracles, it should be a wonderful place to grow old.

We spent Saturday with the kids. Tracy and I were exhausted from work, but we had a great day. They all loved this one home we looked at, and we did the paperwork and are waiting to hear if we have been approved. It was a gorgeous home.

Next we hit the local Taco Bell for some pseudo-Mexican cuisine, got Dad and Cody a haircut, and headed to the land to do some prep work. Our three girls were covered from head to toe in dirt. They actually rubbed dirt on their faces as they took turns burying one another in the earth! Quite hilarious! The boys climbed trees and swung on vines. They are so excited about living out there. It is really breathtaking.

I stood in one place and d…

Friday Fraught with Fun and Frivolity

After an 8 month absence, it warms my heart to welcome my honey back to blogging. She has issued a challenge, and since I am all out of political, social, economic, spiritual, and movie industry opinions, I will accept her challenge and encourage all who read to follow suit.

What is your favorite color?
Green and Gold!

Baseball or Football?

What team?
Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and Seattle Mariners

Favorite candy including chocolates?
Tootsie Rolls/Pops

Favorite restaurant?
TGIFridays, Wings and Ale, Dukes in Seattle

Favorite food?
Steak, Fish, and Pasta

Favorite car?
Dodge Viper---though I doubt I would fit in one

Most favorite place you've been?
Carolina Beach, NC for my cousins wedding

What do you do for enjoyment when you're not working?
I like to watch movies and sporting events; if I ever had a few extra bucks I would like to bowl or shoot pool

Any hobbies?
Paying down debt

Do you have a favorite author and book?
Max Lucado, Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, …


Yesterday's blog post was fraught with controversy. I generated 7 comments, which is more than I have ever had in one day. Even my cousin Ben from Milwaukee chimed in (Go Packers!).

I confess that some of what I posted was placed there strategically. I just wanted to see how many folks actually read this thing. I would like to thank everyone who commented, and I hope that you do not feel duped.

I would now like to clear the air on a couple of points:

I am not supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. I would not support her for President of the Glee Club. I am as of yet uncertain about who I like for President. I kind of like Fred Thompson, but only because he was so cool in Die Hard 2. Hardly a reason to support a man as leader of the free world. Although President Reagan was very cool in Knute Rockne: All Americanand he restored hope and patriotism to our generation as President. Food for thought...?
I do like Sean Penn's work very much, but I was exaggerat…

Oh, Why Not?

This morning I did my usual perusing of my blogger buds to see what is going on with all of my pals. Remember the old days when we would just pick up the phone and call, pass notes at school, or meet at the Kettle? Now we blog.

I digress.

As I was checking out my pals in the blogosphere, I found some interesting posts about Christianity, Politics, Finances, Famous Dave's Ribs, Home makeovers, and spiritual growth issues. I returned to my blog to find Tommy Bowden picking his nose (old news, but still very funny to me).

It may cause my blogger buds to wonder, "Is Todd an idiot?" Not entirely, dear friends.

My blog is, well, mine. It is my world where I am free to blog what I want when I want. There are no agendas here. The Word of Todd is my way of allowing family and friends to check in on me risk free. I also am leaving it for my children (and one day grandchildren) as a way of knowing me after I am gone.

However, I actually do have political, social, religious, and financia…

Pick of the Week

"Gee, the whole country is watching, and we're losing; why don't I just shove my finger up my nose?"

(ht: Rickwell)

It's Good to be a Packer!