Weekend in Wisconsin

Oh, what I would have given to have been in my homestate this past weekend. My Badgers prevailed, and so did my Packers. Brett Favre is the only QB whose career I have followed from the very beginning. To see him tie Marino's record caused a lump in my throat (or was that popcorn?).
My only disappointment came from the Brewers. Although I was happy to see the Braves doing so well.
I could almost smell the bratwurst coming from Lambeau Field yesterday. Oh, to have been there, clad in my Favre jersey and a cheesehead hat, with my face painted green and gold. On Wisconsin!


Rick said…
Not missing anything with the Braves. And I haven't been paying much attention to Favre - not on my fantasy team this time around, but I think my son's got him on his.
Steve said…
I saw the game. Favre's a real class act. I hope they go far this season...it may be his last.

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