Random Ruminations

  • During WWII, it seems that there were a lot of "war pictures" made starring the likes of John Wayne. Perhaps the images of war heroes on the big screen fostered the sense of unity and support for our soldiers that those of "The Greatest Generation" displayed. Maybe we need some films about our current conflict to remind our nation that there are Dads, Moms, Sons, and Daughters sacrificing the basic luxuries we take for granted not to mention the presence of their loved ones and in some cases, children whom they cannot watch grow up.
  • I recently viewed JFK, the Oliver Stone film starring Kevin Costner and an all-star cast. I had never noticed that the only things written on President Kennedy's grave marker are his name and the dates of his birth and death, separated by a hyphen. It occurred to me that I am in the process of living in the hyphen, as it were. Someday (not anytime soon I hope) there will be a marker with the dates of my birth and death, separated by a hyphen. What legacy will I leave between those two dates? Have I really made a difference in my world? I cannot help but think of all the years I have wasted in front of the TV. Here lies Todd Vick; 1967 - ?. He saw Die Hard 179 times (actual total)! Surely I can do better with my life. I turn 40 this year. That is a huge milestone, and, statistically speaking, over half of my life. If my wife and children are proud of me and that I am trying my best, I suppose I can't ask for much more.
  • I am not a rich man. I don't have a huge house. My clothes are mostly hand-me-downs. I have worn the same tennis shoes for over a year now. My truck is 10 years old, and still gets me back and forth each day. I am blessed and very wealthy though in the area of family. My wife is amazing. Everybody loves her. And my children, though not perfect, are pretty darned close to it. We have our moments here and there, as well as the growing pains of a large family, but I have a great crew of young 'uns.
  • I am also blessed with great friends. They are gold. They have been with me for a long time. They have seen me at my best and worst, and never fail to cheer me on or catch me as I fall.
  • I must confess that I have sorta dropped the ball on my New Years Resolution to lose 30 pounds by 2008. I guess I better start over. I may yet make it.
  • Since Katie Couric left the Today show, I haven't had much use for it. At the same time, I have only seen her on CBS Nightly News once.
  • I was horrified the other day at Olive Garden when I saw that Chicken Parmesan costs $12.50!
  • It really bugs me that I have over 300 channels and yet I can never find a Packer game.
  • I really, really, love my job! It is the first time in a long while that I have been able to make that claim.
  • I can draw pretty good, but I am a terrible doodler. Is that weird?


George said…
Really? When did you learn to draw pretty good?
Caryn said…
You're not missing a thing with Katie. Jay and I watched her twice, and that alone generated enough groans for two weeks.

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