Plagiarism Is Alive and (Not Very) Well

It seems I have a "blog stalker." Not only has he copied my name, but the name of my blog and he is using it to propagate meaningless Howard Stern-esque banter. I have been forced to moderate any comments from him on my blog, since my blog is rated "G" and his comment profanity is almost an art form.
However, I have resolved to pray for "Evil Todd" and his followers, that all three of them may find grace in the Lord Jesus Christ.
It's kind of like the Star Trek episode where the transporter creates two Kirks, the evil one and the good one. In the end, both needed each other to survive. I suspect that this will not be the case here.


Anonymous said…
where's the link to this gent's delightful sounding home page?

--Loyal Fan
James said…
I miss evil Kirk.
George said…
Wow! Your evil twin is a huge jerk. I imagine that he looks just like you but with a little pointy Van Dike beard and he's probably stroking a hairless cat and laughing maniacly while posting to his blog. Or maybe he's just some punk kid. Either way, I left a comment on his blog (as did Rick).
Steve said…
I like your site much better, Todd.

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