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Reading is Fun, and The Mind is a Terrible Thing

Upon the advice of my best friend's charming wife, I recently purchased a pair of drug store reading glasses. The difference that they have made in my life is extraordinary. Because I can now read again, I am spending a lot more time in the lavatory, much to the dismay of the wife, kids, and cats.

Now if I could only remember where I set the darn things.

No, We Are Not Related

Couldn't resist posting this "Jury Selection for Michael Vick" photo. Oddly enough, I DO have a cousin named Michael Vick who lives up north. He is a plumber's apprentice and loves animals, however.Scooby Doo looks P.O.'d. And Snoopy, well..., if looks could maim...

The Great Tim Hill Does It Again


Say hello to some good friends

Please join me in welcoming George and Caryn to our little corner of the blogosphere. Both of these people hold a special place in my heart.

Caryn is a wife, mother, educator and soon-to-be famous author. She is married to my best friend and mother to my favorite little mouseketeer in the Pacific NW.

George is a husband, father, musician, and beer connisseur who made history playing the Adjutent's Call for the AHS ROTC in 1986. That story never gets old!

Send them some love!

Before Cable and MTV We Had...