Shhhhhhh...can you hear that?

Of course you can't. That is because it is SO quiet at the Vick hacienda right now. All the kids are with their other parents for a few days, and it is blissfully quiet. Tracy is off today and she is actually taking a nap rather than running kids to doctors appointments or grocery shopping as she does on any other days off. As for me, I am working from home today and I don't have to remind anyone to be quiet while I am on a business call.
As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be a Dad. I also have always wanted a big family. We are very blessed in that department, to be sure, but every now and then, we just need time to be Todd & Tracy. It is nice to have these moments when we can.
I have to go now...a program that I want to watch is on TV.


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