Ministry and the Monday Thing

When I was a student in Bible College, I remember students who were pastors talking about "The Monday Thing." The Monday thing is, simply put, the blues. You have a great Sunday where God moves and lives are changed. Then on Monday you wake up and feel like crying. I don't get it, but I know the Monday thing all too well.

Saturday night was awesome. WFJ was at the B-L Leisure Center and not only did we have a great show but the ministry time was awesome. Grown men were crying and lives were being touched by the Master. Amazing!

Then Sunday at church we had a wonderful time in the morning AND evening services. Attendance is picking up and many are coming to Christ!

Then Monday came. I could hardly force myself out of bed today. A good friend called, and I couldn't even force myself to answer the phone (don't you hate when people don't leave a message?).

But I am making it. Got a sale first thing this morning. My wife is in a good mood, and we might actually get some rain today.

Does anyone have a Biblical explanation for the Monday thing?


Rick said…
Look it up - God did not call Monday "good" in Genesis 1. Set the tone for all creation.

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