Vertigo Away

It all began a couple of Saturdays ago. I was sitting on the couch, somewhat reclined, when the ceiling began to turn black. I then began to sweat, shake, and was overcome with nausea. I got up, walked around, splashed cold water on my face, all to no avail. I also noticed a constant hum in my ears, which seemed to resonate from within my head.
Like Fred Sanford, I thought maybe this was "the big one."
After a trip to the ER which ruled out anything major, I would later realize that what I have is a nasty case of vertigo. For years I have had trouble walking down steps. I usually have to hold the railing pretty tight. I also have had trouble sleeping for the last several months, which compounded the vertigo.
I will be following up with my family physician, and possibly a neurologist. For now, if you spin around in circles 50 times, you will get a good feel for how I spend my days. I can still drive and work. I guess I just need to quit putting off that exercise program.


James said…
Seems to me a rather disturbing lot of symptoms. Jimmy Stewart suffered something similar I recall.
Todd said…
Wasn't he wheelchair bound in "Rear Window?"

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