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Memorial Day Blues

While taking time to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, I also took time to visit the doctor.

I do not like to take medicine. I prefer vitamins or a more holistic type of therapy. Today, however, I have been forced to face certain realities, namely the need for medication. Hopefully my new regimen will be temporary. I am also going back to the doctor on Friday for a complete physical. It has been 4 years since my last one. In addition to the co-pay, I will be rendering my pride for the inevitable prostate exam.

Whoever said life begins at (almost) 40 must have said this BEFORE undergoing this dreadful exam.

I am thinking of Chevy Chase in "Fletch."

"Mooooon River!"

I am going to have lunch now. Charging it to the Underhills.

Vertigo Away

It all began a couple of Saturdays ago. I was sitting on the couch, somewhat reclined, when the ceiling began to turn black. I then began to sweat, shake, and was overcome with nausea. I got up, walked around, splashed cold water on my face, all to no avail. I also noticed a constant hum in my ears, which seemed to resonate from within my head.
Like Fred Sanford, I thought maybe this was "the big one."
After a trip to the ER which ruled out anything major, I would later realize that what I have is a nasty case of vertigo. For years I have had trouble walking down steps. I usually have to hold the railing pretty tight. I also have had trouble sleeping for the last several months, which compounded the vertigo.
I will be following up with my family physician, and possibly a neurologist. For now, if you spin around in circles 50 times, you will get a good feel for how I spend my days. I can still drive and work. I guess I just need to quit putting off that exercise program.

Sister, Sister

I grew up in a house with three women. Two of them are my sisters, Terri and Tiffani. Two sisters. One older, one younger. It was rough at times growing up. We always stuck together, though. We still do.We all have families of our own now. We have sporting events, school activities, church stuff, etc. We don't get together as often as I would like, but when we do we laugh and laugh and laugh. What else can we do?

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

I hope you had a great time with all of us today. We are all so thankful to still have you to celebrate with. May you live to be at least 100, and in the process learn to mellow out a bit. Furthermore, I have not had your potato salad in around 17 years. In fact, I hear that it has been that long since you last cooked. Mom's potato salad, as well as her cole slaw, are one in a million. My favorite breakfast as a child was Mom's real oatmeal, cooked on the stove like it was meant to be. Served with milk and tablespoons of sugar. I have Mom to thank for my addiction to coffee as well. Most of all, thanks to Mom for raising us alone on less than a third of what I make, and yet always having what we needed when we needed it. Thank you for never missing the ball games and band concerts, which had to be hard to sit through. You can be difficult at times, especially in crowds, but deep down you have a heart of gold. We all know it, and that's why we tolerate your crap. I love you,…

Brought A Tear To Me Eye...

My Aflac One Month Report Card

Top Producers for Week 17:
Jackie Allen - $15,208
Todd Vick - $3,096 Number TWO in the Region!
Wayne Pierce - $2,802
Louie Jones - $2,350
Mary Jones - $1,454
Not bad after less than a month in the field. I hope the momentum continues to build.