I have what one might refer to as "brain overload" lately. Or in simple terms, I have a lot on my mind. Some of it is potentially fruitless thought, while the rest is basically a waste of decent Alpha waves. Nevertheless, here are but a few of my ponderings...
  • This whole Virginia Tech shooting has messed me up. It is the umpteenth time in recent history where someone has committed a heinous crime against humanity and then taken their own lives in order to avoid the consequences. What message is this sending to our children? I once counseled a young man who was incarcerated for gang crimes. His parents were members of my church, and so I built a relationship with their son. On many occasions, he told me of his plans to escape the facility he was in, and should he be caught, he would simply commit suicide. The blanket of deceit that rests over our world staggers the mind. As the body of Christ, how should we respond to this playing of the suicide card? On the flip side, are we willing to sacrifice our own lives for the cause of Christ? Am I? I am not suggesting that Christians should all commit suicide for Christ to make a point, but to revisit that place where Jesus said, "whoever wishes to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it." Face it, the enemy's people are ready to die for the cause of evil, and we still argue about whether or not people of color should be allowed in our church.

  • Is anyone else tired of paying almost $3.00 a gallon for gasoline?

  • I have been dealing with some personal issues lately that have really challenged me on many levels. "Personal issues" could more accurately read, "Character Flaws." It's like I have looked in a mirror for the first time in many years, and I have been flabbergasted at my reflection. I am speaking figuratively, although my literal reflection has the potential for clock-stopping as it were. (ha ha) Like the "Six Million Dollar Man," I am wrecked, yet I am hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, "We can rebuild you...better than you were." Does this include better LOOKING? I will let my wife be the judge.

  • There is some hoopla going on at my church. It is the classic power struggle between families that will come to a "vote" this weekend. Regardless of the outcome, does anyone really win? For a month now, the ministry of my church has been trumped by the backbiting and struggling for control. If I didn't love my pastor so much, we'd have gone elsewhere. So if the vote goes toward pastor, then what? Months of healing and wound licking with little if any reconciliation with the opposition. How does this honor Christ? It doesn't. And yet I have allowed myself to be dragged into the fray. I guess it is because I have been on that pastoral chopping block before and can empathize. And if he is voted out, what then? Start a new church born out of a split? There is no way to make this good. Only the Lord can.

  • I am really enjoying my new career. The career has really been the catalyst for my looking into the above-mentioned "mirror." I have been given a wonderful gift with which to build a better life for us. Pray that I do not waste it, as I have wasted so many other gifts and opportunities that the Lord has given to me.

Much more going through my brain. I am not sleeping well. I am being forced to draw nearer to God, which is not a bad thing. I am also being drawn to call on some old friends for wisdom and encouragement. If you are thinking, "Hey! You haven't called me!" Don't be offended. Be thankful.


Rick said…
Milk is now cheaper than gas. I'm flumoxed, and want to hook my Honda up to a cow.

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