Pastor In, Christian Behavior Out

Long story short is that the meeting at church last night favored my pastor by an average of 5 to 1 or better. All the allegations and the questions revealed themselves in one bitter person. Once she spoke, everyone could see what was really going on. The fact that she was the associate pastor's wife made her conduct even more despicable. The vote is over, but a period of change, healing, and restoration is before us, as well as the ever-present question, "How did it ever come to this in the first place?"

We are glad to have this lunacy behind us, and perhaps now we will strengthen our resolve to put our hands to the plow and not look back.

From the dust of this act of spiritual terrorism came an invitation for me to speak in Illinois sometime in October. The possibility of me serving my pastor as a part time Associate has also been brought up. In this regard, I would have the best of both worlds, so to speak. I could continue to build my Aflac career and minister alongside of a great man of God.


Rick said…
When you guys have a lunch meeting with Yogi Berra, let me know!
Todd said…
It'll be "deja vu all over again."
Man, that is so bizarre. I found out that my denomination has the right to excomunicate people.
Anonymous said…
Sounds as if it was really bad to have come to a vote over a Pastor. The only thing that I did not hear was that people were there for a person; leads me to wonder who was there for Jesus? Also have to ask the question; why did the Pastor of a church need to have a vote.... more than just as you say a little back biting going on.
Anonymous said…
Seems a little odd to me. I happen to consider the former associate pastor's wife a very godly woman. This was indeed a terrible meeting - and it breaks the heart of God - using a blog to continue the attacks is a sad commentary on one's spirituality!
Anonymous said…
....How did it ever come to this in the first place?"....

It would appear that this is truly the question. Sadly, what started it in the first place is most likely still in your midst.

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