To Blog Or Not To Blog

Much has happened since my last post. I have wanted to blog about it, but have just been either too busy or too tired. However, I am not one to disappoint my blog fans (hope you both are well). I will now attempt to encapsulate the last couple of weeks.
  • I have finally been "delivered" from the pizza business. I left Papa John's a week earlier than I had originally planned. I am now 100% Aflac. In retrospect, I am certain that many of the management habits I picked up in the pizza industry will serve me quite well in my new endeavor. The coolest thing about all of this is the support I receive from Tracy. She is actually considering working for Aflac as well.
  • Yesterday, after much prayer and studying, I passed the state insurance exam. I had planned to take it Friday, but my test time was pushed up to yesterday. I needed to get it done this week in order to accommodate the Aflac training which starts next week. I stayed up late, crammed, and passed. A score of 70 is required to pass. I made a 75. Works for me.
  • I am truly enjoying being home at night. I still have this nagging feeling that I am scheduled to work at Papa Johns, though. My therapist informs me that this will pass. My cat is my therapist.
  • I am off to beautiful Mt. Pleasant, SC on Monday for 3 days of training. I am particularly excited about crossing the Cooper River Bridge again. I confess that living in the Lowcountry of our state, though only for six months, really got into my heart. SC is such a beautiful state. I hope to get a chance to see some of my friends while I am in the area. Several of my wrestling buds live in the area, as well as friends from Walterboro.
  • On the home front, I have 2 kids in softball, and one in karate. My son is about to test for his Jr. Green Belt. I am delighted that he has found something he enjoys so much, and I love going to softball games. Tracy is very happy about my career move to Aflac, and even more happy to see me at home more. I am happy, too.
  • The WFJ event was a huge success. The event began with me going to the ring to do the "Pastoral Welcome." During my welcome, T-Money, the most hated man in the WFJ (though his alter-ego, Tim Blackmon, is one of my best friends), came out, entered the ring, and without warning, beat the starch out of me. I had to be carried from the ring. In reality, I was unhurt, but it established T-Money as the "bad guy," setting up the main event, T-Money vs. Buff Bagwell. I had the privilege of being Buff's "manager," and helping him win the match. Buff was a really nice man, and does he ever love Jesus. By the way, they call him Buff for a good reason. His arms are bigger than my legs, and you could land a Cessna on his pecs. I'm glad I was his manager and not his opponent. At the end of the event, many people came to Jesus, which is why we do it at all.

You are now up to date. Now, to clear up one quick myth: I am not selling insurance. I am selling insurance supplements. In other words, I will be helping people by picking up where their health insurance leaves off. That is why I believe I will do well at Aflac. It is a place where I can actually be of real help. I mean, honestly, does the world really need another insurance salesman? I think not.


Yo man, I am glad things worked out for you. I am sorry we haven't talked in a while. I am pulling 75+ hours a week. Though in the next 6 mos or so I am going to be done with the bankruptcy and will be able to finally come down. whoo hoo. It's been too long baby.
Todd said…
Mi casa su casa, hermano!

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