Why I'd Make a Lousy Bookie

I picked the Bears by 7. The Colts opened a 55 gallon drum of whoopin' on the Bears, who played more like Cubs. As I watched the rain fall on the two teams, along with Chicago's dropped balls and missed snaps, I reflected on "the old days." Football fields were nothing but grass, and if it rained, the players just got muddy. There was no astro turf. The Bears played like sissies last night. George Halas was no doubt doing somersaults in his grave.

Maybe I am just getting old, but last night's game did nothing for me. None of my teams were in it. I supported the Bears because of my Midwestern heritage and because it was nice to see them back in the Super Bowl. Also, the gah-zillion dollar commercials were somewhat disappointing. They were funny, but not as funny as in past years. The one exception for me was this Bud Light commercial.

Then there was the halftime show. Prince? Whose idea was this? This was a football game! Myself, I'd have rather seen a KISS reunion. Full make up, of course.

At last my bantering has run its course, and I will now employ the most trite, tired, and worn-out cliche in football history:

There's always next year.


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