My Valentine

I have an amazing wife. It is so refreshing to be married to a woman that everybody loves. All my friends adore Tracy. Even my family is coming around. You just cannot help but to love her.
I never run out of underwear or socks. My work clothes are always clean. She even makes the bed! Tracy doesn't drink coffee, but she makes mine every day.
She is beautiful, too. What makes her more beautiful is that she is so full of love for everyone. She is a giver, a helper, and a pleaser.
I scored. Big time.
Happy Valentines Day baby. Many more to come.


Rick said…
Dude, she's definitely a keeper. Now don't you think it's time to take the tree down for her? :)
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much. I love you too.
Anonymous said…
Hi Todd Tracy, How are things. we're bracing for a blizzard for the weekend. could you send me your new email address. send it to my yahoo account.
Thanks and have a great weekend.

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