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Making Plans

Not sure who said, "Man makes plans; God laughs," but there may be a ring of truth to that statement. The last couple of years have proven that sentiment time and again.

Let me be frank: I hate pizza. I am using the word "hate" here. Since I was 16 years old, off and on, I have had to work at a pizza place in order to make ends meet. I have done two stints at Pizza Hut, and I am presently in my third stint at Papa John's. The problem is that I am very good at it. Recently, I was made Assistant Manager, with a view to moving up to General Manager at some future date. I started as a delivery driver, and I was cool with that. The problem was, I was too good at it. My philosophy in my work, and I guess in everyday life (most of the time) is not to just be good at something, but to be the best. Maybe it is insecurity; who knows? Nevertheless, I have tried to settle into the career of management, thinking it must be God's will, since the 100 resumes or so that I h…

Spring Fever

Today I officially sached from "Snow Fever" to "Spring Fever." I took my daughter to softball practice today and the weather was absolutely grand.

Fresh air, nice temperatures, the sounds of bats hitting balls, the smell of hot dogs, and the advent of the new baseball season is upon us. And let us not forget the falling of pollen!

I enjoyed the brief cold snap we received this year...way after Christmas. Today I realized that I am ready for Spring to come.

Batter up! Kleenex out!

My Valentine

I have an amazing wife. It is so refreshing to be married to a woman that everybody loves. All my friends adore Tracy. Even my family is coming around. You just cannot help but to love her. I never run out of underwear or socks. My work clothes are always clean. She even makes the bed! Tracy doesn't drink coffee, but she makes mine every day. She is beautiful, too. What makes her more beautiful is that she is so full of love for everyone. She is a giver, a helper, and a pleaser. I scored. Big time. Happy Valentines Day baby. Many more to come.

Possible Summer Vacation

My cousin Charlie is a pastor in Thompson Falls, MT. I have always wanted to travel to the northern portion of our great nation. I have been to Seattle, but never Montana. He has invited me to do a revival in June of this year. I am very excited. We may make it a summer vacation.

I can hear the kids now, as adults, saying to their kids, "I remember the summer they made us drive to Montana...37 hours in the vehicle, with Dad stopping in every state and making us get out and walk around. I still have nightmares about that trip!"

I am reminded of a summer vacation from the pages of my own childhood. In the summer of 1979, we drove to Orlando to visit a pre-Epcot Disney World. I seem to recall the trip taking about 14 hours. Not bad, except for the fact that we were in a 1978 Ford Pinto...two adults and four kids. Yes, you read it right. Four of us, aged 12 down to 6, crammed in the backseat of a Pinto through three states. Today I have real trouble in crowds. I have…

One Last Thing on Football

He's coming back!

Why I'd Make a Lousy Bookie

I picked the Bears by 7. The Colts opened a 55 gallon drum of whoopin' on the Bears, who played more like Cubs. As I watched the rain fall on the two teams, along with Chicago's dropped balls and missed snaps, I reflected on "the old days." Football fields were nothing but grass, and if it rained, the players just got muddy. There was no astro turf. The Bears played like sissies last night. George Halas was no doubt doing somersaults in his grave.Maybe I am just getting old, but last night's game did nothing for me. None of my teams were in it. I supported the Bears because of my Midwestern heritage and because it was nice to see them back in the Super Bowl. Also, the gah-zillion dollar commercials were somewhat disappointing. They were funny, but not as funny as in past years. The one exception for me was this Bud Light commercial.Then there was the halftime show. Prince? Whose idea was this? This was a football game! Myself, I'd have rather seen a KISS reun…

NYR: Update

Kiss 3 more pounds goodbye as of this morning! That brings the total lost to 7 pounds since January 1. 33 more to reach my New Years Resolution goal of 40 lbs!

It was most definitely easier putting these pounds on.


What a marvelous day! There is snow falling, and up until 30 minutes ago (9:30 am EDT) there was accumulation. Now the rain is back and melting the snow into a sludgy muck. But for me, it was nice to look out the window and see the white stuff, if only for a few minutes.