What the...?

According to my Star Trek calendar, courtesy of James, it is January. Yet when I step outside, it is July. This weather has been the only consistent gripe that I have about SC, other than rush hour traffic. At one time, I considered moving back up north just so I could actually live in a place that has four seasons. Ironically when I visited Wisconsin in November, the weather was warm. Before I arrived, they were calling for snow. When I left, they were calling for snow. While I was there, I wore shortsleeves. I packed all sweaters and warm clothes for my trip, and ended up having to wear the shirt I left SC wearing.

South Carolina is a great place to live and raise a family. The rich history and beauty of this place is unrivaled. I just wish that we could have winter. I am a yankee. Yankees need cold now and then. Today it is raining and in the 70s. It looks to be like this for a few days. Welcome to the "armpit" of the south.

On a more positive note, President Bush is planning to announce his Iraq strategy "sometime next week." Not a moment too soon, I'm sure.


Chuck said…
I believe that we Southerners bring the warmth of the South where ever we may roam.
James said…
You said it, Chuckles!
Rick said…
Had an interesting personal message from the Pizza Fairy in the kids' pizza box this evening - send him our regards and gratitude if you get a chance!

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