Reader Questions 2007

Today we begin a new feature at The Word of Todd. I will try and answer some of the 1,000s of fan letters from 2006. I regret that I cannot answer each one personally, but will try to make a small dent nonetheless.

Q: Dear Todd, since you are such a die hard Badger, what's your pick for the Capital One Bowl?
---M. Funkhauser; Walla Walla, WA

A: Badgers 45, Razorbacks 10

Q: Dear Todd, what is the point of "American Idol?" I mean really. What a bunch of morons to get on national TV with no real talent! Is this what the world is coming to?
---J. Billings; Ritter, SC

A: I couldn't agree with you more. Speaking of morons on TV with no talent, have you seen the new cast of ER? And what about the coverage of this year's Rose Parade? Makes me want to pick up a book and turn the one-eyed monster off until they bring back Seinfeld.

Q: Dear Todd, I have looked high and low, but I just cannot find that key to the Coke machine. I'm not accusing you or anything, but have you seen it?
---B. Deas; Columbia, SC

A: Don't you have a traffic report to do or something?

Q: Dear Todd, can I wear brown shoes with blue jeans?
---B. Spears; Hollywood, CA

A: Girl, the world is a tuxedo and you ARE a pair of brown shoes!

Q: Dear Todd, have you taken out the garbage yet?
---Your wife

A: Coming, dear...happy 2007 everyone! Keep those questions coming!


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