In Small Packages

Today at church we were treated to the ministry of Victoria Huggins. She is a 13 year old gospel singer from St. Pauls, NC and is a multi-talented young lady. But that's not what most impressed me about her.

There are a lot of 13 year olds who can sing. I have a house full of them! Victoria was more than just a cute little break from "church as usual." For a 13 year old, she displayed a wisdom and spiritual maturity way beyond her years. I watched her pray for other people with Christlike compassion, shedding tears as she did so.

I hope that many people were ministered to today as I was. I have three daughters close to her age. I would love to see a heart for ministry in their lives like the one I saw in young Victoria Huggins. I would love to see it in my own life as well.


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