Visions of Griswalds

Today we will be celebrating Christmas with the families. First we will be going to my sister Tiffani's for lunch and then to my mother-in-law's to be with Tracy's family. My sister and her husband have a tradition of decorating their house and yard in a way that would make Clark W. Griswald salute. There is festive, then there is overkill, then there is just plain tacky, and then there is Tiffani and Jason's house. They live for Christmas! I wouldn't change a thing.

Tomorrow I hope to catch at least one showing of "A Christmas Story" on TNT. Later in the day, all of the kids will be going to their other parents for the week, and Tracy and I will be celebrating Christmas with the cats. Before Christmas is over, I hope to view "It's A Wonderful Life" and maybe "Die Hard." All I am asking Santa for this year is a job.

Merry Christmas!


James said…
Leave an evening open when I am out in early July for a screening of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD!

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