My Enthusiastic Addiction

During this time of year, many people begin to make plans for New Year's Resolutions, which typically include swearing off unhealthy addictions.

Not me. Not this one. Not unhealthy.

Last year I made a resolution to laugh more. I have found something that really helps me with this. It is the HBO Series "Curb Your Enthusiasm," starring Larry David, the co-creator of "Seinfeld." I can honestly say that I have not been so fond of a TV series since Seinfeld or Frasier. Thank you to James for introducing me to this little gem.

Thus and thus, my New Years Resolution is to own all of the episodes on DVD.

OK, and I will try (yet again) to drop the 30 pounds, read my Bible more, and ...


James said…
There is just a little bit of Larry David inside of you, isn't there?

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