The Best Gift Ever

God never ceases to amaze me. Never. How He can take a negative thing and turn it around is fascinating to the mortal mind.

It happened in the living room. I was prepared to lecture the kids about why we have rules in the house, and why it is important to keep them. I would have made Howard Cunningham proud with my warm, compassionate, and firm parental logic. Without warning, the Holy Spirit prompted me to discuss why we break rules in the first place. Because we are born under sin. We are naturally rebellious. No arguments from the kids there.

I then pointed out (like Tim Russert on election night) with dry-erase board in hand, how God cannot allow sin into Heaven. Anyway, after a few moments, it was evident that Christi, Matt, and Nick were ready to fix the sin problem, and so I led them all in a prayer of faith, and they each asked Jesus into their hearts.

Six down, one to go.


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