Update on Tracy, etc.

My wife, the amazing Tracy, has successfully had that pesky gall bladder removed. With her low-to-zero tolerance to pain medication, she should be asleep until Thanksgiving Day! Well, maybe just tomorrow. And with that, we are now officially beyond all scheduled surgeries and are now able to focus on the holidays as well as a move.

That's right, we are moving...again. Basically, we have lived in our current home for five months now, with absolutely no written lease having been provided. We have asked; we have insisted; all to no avail. So, all of a sudden, landlord decides he no longer wants to rent the house. We have until December 15 to find new digs. Colorful metaphors aside, what the devil meant for bad, God has turned into good.

Another instance of God turning something into good was that on Saturday I blogged what I would consider to be one of the more substantial posts I have done in a long time. I commented on the whole OJ Simpson "confession", Ted Haggard's "coming out," and referenced Luke 7:36-50 as to what the Lord's attitude toward these men is vs. our general attitude and our need to categorize sin into degrees of atrocity.

Long story short, I pressed the "publish" key and the whole thing vanished into the blogosphere. Gone. Bye bye.

Rather than retype the whole piece, I used it in the sermon Sunday. The general attitude of the church was, "Fry them now, forgive them later." We are so far from God's heart when it comes to grace, mercy, and forgiveness. It was truly a defining moment. More on that later.

Will update more when I can. Thanks for the prayers.


James said…
Your life does not lack drama, my friend. I am pleased to hear that Tracy is recovering, and surprised to learn you are moving again. I have a spare room...
My prayers are with you man.

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