The Journey Begins

I am all packed and ready to be driven to the airport. I have just checked the weather, here and there, and here is what I can expect:
  • I am leaving in a short-sleeved short. The weather is nice and warm and rather humid.
  • When I arrive in Wisconsin, it will be about 28 degrees (feels like 19) and they are calling for "flurries."

I used to love getting a "flurry" as a kid from the local convenience store. And how about those Mc-Flurries?

But I digress.

If I am able to get online while in Madison, I will update on the events as they unfold. Otherwise I will instruct my lovely wife to update you from her blog. I am sad to point out that she has not yet upgraded to the beta blogger.

Pray for safe travel, and a pleasant visit despite the circumstances. I understand that relatives I have not seen in centuries will be there. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.



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